A selection of public and research talks I have given on cannabis legalization, public health, and youth education and prevention. I’m not posting slides because of experiences with people stealing my content (boo), but if you’re interested in seeing a particular talk please reach out.

Public Talks

2018, November 08. “Hot Topics in ADHD: Cannabis and ADHD” (Invited Speaker). Public Event, University of Calgary. Calgary, AB.

2018, October 04. “What can communities do to help families affected by the opioid crisis?”. Stimulus: Drugs, Policy and Practice, Conference Satellite Public Event. Shaw Conference Centre, Edmonton, AB.

2018, September 19. Cannabis legalization is coming: Myths, evidence, and what we can expect (Invited Speaker). Safety and Wellness Week, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.

2018, May 23. “Cannabis Legalization” (Co-Presenter, with Dr. Fiona Clement and Dr. Matt Hill). Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP). Acadia Community Centre, Calgary, AB.

2017, March 24. “Clearing the Smoke: Cannabis, the Brain, and Public Health” (Co-Presenter, with Dr. Matt Hill). Think Big: A Night Out with Your Brain. Hotchkiss Brain Institute and Calgary Public Library, Calgary, AB.

2018, March 03. “Understanding the public health approach to cannabis legalization Canada.” CannabisCon, Cannabis Canada National Education Conference and Business Opportunity Forums, Calgary, AB.

2010, March: “Let’s Talk About Teens & Marijuana” (Panelist). Café Scientifique, UBC Celebrate Research Week, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Vancouver, BC.

Invited Talks & Keynotes

2018, November 14. “Trend Watch: What’s the Latest Evidence?” Ontario Public Health Association Fall Forum 2018, Cannabis in Our Communities. Toronto, ON.

2018, November 14. “Substance Legalization, Harm Reduction, and Mental Health: What are the Connections?” Ontario Public Health Association Fall Forum 2018, Cannabis in Our Communities. Toronto, ON.

2018, October 09. “Youth Cannabis Prevention and Education: Thoughts on a New Post-Legalization Paradigm.” Campus Alberta Neuroscience Cannabis Symposium. University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB.

2018, June 11. “Cannabis Legalization –  Education Sessions for Schools and Community Health and Recreation Leaders.” Office of the Chief Public Health Officer, Department of Health and Social Services, Government of the Northwest Territories, Yellowknife, NWT. (Webinars and School-based talk)

2018, May 09. “Youth and Cannabis Legalization: Considerations for Schools.” Information Session for School Principals and Counselling Staff, Rocky View District Schools, Airdrie, AB.

2017, October 20.  “Cannabis legalization: Policy parameters and considerations  for Family Courts in Alberta.” Fall Conference for Alberta Provincial Court Judges. Banff, AB.

2017, March 04. “Cannabis Policy 101 – What you need to know.” Alberta Society of Human Toxicology Annual Meeting, Canmore, AB.

2016, October 21. “Cannabis Legalization in Canada – Implications for acute, addiction and mental health services.” Alberta Health Services, Patient Advisory Councils Annual Forum, Edmonton, AB.

2016, September 16. “Cannabis Legalization in Canada.” Alberta Health Services, Mental Health, and Addictions Strategic Clinical Network, Patient Advisory Council, Edmonton, AB.


2018, November 20. “Youth Cannabis Prevention & Education: Thoughts on a new post-legalization paradigm.” Public Health Works Webinar, Alberta Health Services.

2018, October 02. “Cannabis Legalization and Effects on Parks and Recreation in Canada.” The Canadian Parks and Recreation Association.

2018, July 25. “Cannabis Legalization and Youth” (With Dr. Matt Hill). University of Calgary, Explore UCalgary/Explore Cannabis Web Campaign.

2018, February 14. “Youth and Cannabis Legalization Considerations for Public Health and Prevention.” Cannabis Webinar Series, Canadian Public Health Association.

2017, September 18. Cannabis legalization in Canada: An introduction and implications for social work practice Alberta.  Alberta Health Services, Social Work Provincial Practice Council.

2014, November: “Understanding and Addressing Adolescent Marijuana and Tobacco Co-Use.”  Clean Air Coalition of BC, British Columbia Ministry of Health.


2018, October 04. Cannabis Regulation and the Future of Drug Policy in Canada Plenary. Hosted by the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition. Speakers: Steve Rolles, Rebecca Haines–Saah, Jenna Valleriani, Jean-Sébastien Fallu. Stimulus: Drugs, Policy and Practice. Edmonton, AB.

2018, September 05. Upstream Prevention of Problematic Substance Use. Opioid Symposium: Canada’s Opioid Crisis, Government of Canada. Toronto, ON.

2018, May 31. “PHAC presents: Upstream Prevention of Problematic Substance Use, DBJ Symposium on Public Health.” Public Health 2018, Canadian Public Health Association Annual Conference. Montréal, QC. Panel hosted by Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Officer of Public Health, Public Health Agency of Canada,  Montréal, QC.

2018, April 25. “Cannabis and Public Health.” Cannabis Public Forum. Constituency event hosted by MLA Dr. David Swann, Calgary, AB.

2018, February 06. “Clearing the Smoke.” University of Calgary – Cannabis Townhall Forum, Calgary, AB.

2018, January 14. “Beyond cannabis: Reimagining Drug Laws.” LIFT Cannabis Expo, Vancouver, BC.

2017, October 30.  “Preventing Cannabis Related Harms Among Young People in Ontario.” Youth and Cannabis: Implications for Legalization in Ontario, Pine River Institute, Toronto, ON.

2017, June 08. “Controversial Prescribing: What’s a Doc to do?” 51st Annual Mackid Lecture, Department of Family Medicine, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.

2016, June 23: “Kids and Drugs: What parents need to know.” Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Misuse, Prairie Node, Calgary, AB.

2016, November 01. “Marijuana, Mental Health and the Teenage Brain.” The Mathison Series in Youth Mental Health. The Mathison Centre for Mental Health Research and Education, Hotchkiss Brain Institute, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.

2016, March 11. “Myth Busting:  What the research actually says about the effects of cannabis use during adolescence.” Canadian Centre on Substance Use, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Calgary, AB.

Departmental Presentations & Rounds

2017, May 17. “Cannabis Legalization in Canada – An introduction.” MC4 Community Advisory Group, Mathison Centre for Mental Health Research and Education, University of Calgary.

2017, February 21. “Cannabis Policy 101 – What you need to know.” Psychiatry Grand Rounds, Department of Psychiatry, University of Calgary.

2017, May 18. “Cannabis – Risks, Benefits & Knowledge Gaps in the Context of Legalization in Canada.” (Co-Presenter with Dr. Tom Noseworthy). Resident Spring Conference, Department of Family Medicine, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary.

2016, March 04: “Understanding and Addressing Adolescent marijuana and Tobacco Co-use: Qualitative Findings from B.C.’s TRACE Project.” Friday Seminar Series, The O’Brien Institute for Public Health & the Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary.

Continuing Medical and Professional Education

2018, April 5. “Cannabis, Youth and Public Health Policy.” Cannabinoids in Clinical Practice, Canadian Association for the Investigation of Cannabinoids Annual Conference, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, ON.

2017, September 11. “Cannabis legalization in Canada: An introduction and implications for school-based mental health.” Alberta Health Services, School-Based Mental Health Teams.

2017, April 19. “Current Landscape & Experience of Cannabis Use in Canada.”  Cannabis – Implications for Health. Understanding Its Uses, Risks, and Benefits. Office of Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary.

Academic Conferences

Morris H, Schulz P, Haines-Saah RJ (2018, October 04). “What can mothers’ stories do? Story-telling, lived experience, and advocacy for drug policy change.” Advocacy and Mutual Healing: Supporting families and building capacity after a substance related loss: Part two. Stimulus: Drugs, Policy and Practice. Edmonton, AB.

Haines-Saah RJ (2018, May 30). “Keep Calm and Legalize On: the Implications of Cannabis Legalization for Public Health and Emergency Medicine.”  Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians Annual Meeting, Calgary, AB.

Haines-Saah RJ, Jenkins EJ, Mitchell S. (2017, November 15). TRACE V: Engaging Parents in the Cannabis Conversation. Issues of Substance: Addiction Matters. The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction, Calgary, AB.

Haines-Saah RJ (2017, August 23). Let’s not panic (again) : Cannabis legalization, public health and youth prevention in Canada. Making alcohol and other drug realities’: The Contemporary Drug Problems Conference, Helsinki, Finland.

Haines-Saah RJ (2017, April 25). No Need to Panic: Youth Cannabis Education and Prevention in Canada. Enviros – Shifting Perspectives, Mount Royal University, Calgary, AB.