Op-Ed & Commentaries
Sen. Unger relies on incomplete representation to argue her case against marijuana legalization
(with Stephanie Lake, The Hill Times – January 8, 2018)
Setting the Legal Age for Access to Cannabis in Canada
(with Emily Jenkins, Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, 2018)
LCRUG, a start at reducing harms of cannabis
(with Hakique Virani, The Chronicle of Neurology and Psychiatry – October 2017)
Marijuana age limit should be low – not high
(The Conversation – July 5, 2017)
Pot legislation does not fail Canadas youth a criminal record does
(with Jenna Valleriani, The Globe and Mail – June 10, 2017)
Youth Voices Needed in Cannabis Debate
(The Calgary Herald – May 7, 2016)
Cannabis Legalization in Canada: What We Can Learn from Tobacco Control
(Vital Signs – Zone Medical Staff Associations of Alberta, 2016)

Recent Broadcast Appearances
Marijuana and public health
(CBC Radio Calgary – February 7, 2018)
Talking to your kids about the upcoming legalization of marijuana
(CJME 980 – January 11, 2018)
Marijuana, pills, cocaine seized in schools across Winnipeg
(CBC Manitoba – December 4, 2017)
How to talk with your kids about cannabis use after legalization
(CBC Radio Calgary – November 20, 2017)
Teens are Seeking Credible info on Marijuana Before Legalization
(Charles Adler Tonight – October 27, 2017)
What’s the right age for legal marijuana access?
(Alberta Prime Time – September 20, 2017)
What you think about setting the minimum legal age for using pot at 18?
(Alberta at Noon  – April 13, 2017)

Recent Print Media Interviews
Substitution effect
(The Leaf Cannabis News  – December 13, 2017)
Home-grown dope? Province says nope: Manitoba unveils new cannabis act
(The Winnipeg Free Press – December 5, 2017)
A Legal Weed Company Just Launched This Dramatic Anti-Stoned Driving Campaign
(VICE News – November 28, 2017)
These Politicians Are Spreading New ‘Reefer Madness’ Myths
(VICE News – November 21, 2017)
Alberta takes hybrid approach to legal pot but City of Calgary still has questions
(MetroNews Calgary – November 16, 2017)
Alberta NDP open to conversation on decriminalizing possession of hard drugs
(Calgary Herald – November 13, 2017)
Ottawa beefs up public-awareness campaign on marijuana
(The Globe and Mail – October 31, 2017)
Teens to Trudeau: No, pot isn’t easier to get than alcohol
(Maclean’s – September 27, 2017)
How to talk to your teen about cannabis
(Lift News – June 29, 2017)
School boards grapple with impending legal marijuana
(Edmonton Journal – June 28, 2017)
‘We want real information’: Educators and public-health officials face a daunting challenge as marijuana becomes legal: how to get through to teens
(The Globe and Mail – June 17, 2017)
Not so fast: Health care needs reform before marijuana is legalized
(Calgary Sun – May 5, 2017)
Anti-smoking advocates fear legal cannabis will ‘renormalize’ smoking
(Calgary Herald – May 4, 2017)