Op-Ed & Commentaries
Cannabis is Legal in Canada – What are the implications for School Psychologists?
(Psychologists Association of Alberta – November 11, 2018)
Why we need better, smarter, panic-free education on cannabis
(The Conversation – June 4, 2018)
Sen. Unger relies on incomplete representation to argue her case against marijuana legalization
(with Stephanie Lake, The Hill Times – January 8, 2018)
Setting the Legal Age for Access to Cannabis in Canada
(with Emily Jenkins, Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, 2018)
LCRUG, a start at reducing harms of cannabis
(with Hakique Virani, The Chronicle of Neurology and Psychiatry – October 2017)
Marijuana age limit should be low – not high
(The Conversation – July 5, 2017)
Pot legislation does not fail Canadas youth a criminal record does
(with Jenna Valleriani, The Globe and Mail – June 10, 2017)
Youth Voices Needed in Cannabis Debate
(The Calgary Herald – May 7, 2016)
Cannabis Legalization in Canada: What We Can Learn from Tobacco Control
(Vital Signs – Zone Medical Staff Associations of Alberta, 2016)

Recent Broadcast Appearances
Prominent health experts push for decriminalization of hard drugs
(630CHED: Ryan Jespersen – April 25, 2019)
Supervised Consumption Sites and Harm Reduction
(Rob Breakenridge: 770 CHQR – February 05, 2019)
How has the legalization of recreational marijuana affected you?
(CBC Radio: Alberta at Noon – January 31, 2019)
Cannabis policies in Canada
(CJAD 800 Montreal – December 28, 2018)
Buying Legal Cannabis in Alberta on October 17 – Will you do it?
(CBC Radio: Alberta at Noon – October 10, 2018)
Les jeunes ne répondront pas à la diabolisation du cannabis, selon une experte
(ICI Alberta: Radio-Canada – October 09, 2018)
Families affected by opioid crisis need more support, Alberta prof says
(RadioActive: CBC Radio Edmonton – October 03, 2018)
Public cannabis consumption by-laws in Calgary

(Angela Kolkott: 770 CHQR Calgary – June 28, 2018)
Cannabis Education and Legalization in Canada
( UK – June 7, 2018)
Calgary and Edmonton start down separate paths on legislating public pot use
(Rob Breakenridge: 770 CHQR Calgary – June 7, 2018)
Why we need better and smarter cannabis education
(800 CJAD Montreal – June 6, 2018)
Sport, Alcohol, and Cannabis Use
(Jeff Krushnell Krush Performance Show: Radio Influence Network  – May 26, 2018)
Marijuana and public health
(CBC Radio Calgary – February 7, 2018)
Talking to your kids about the upcoming legalization of marijuana
(CJME 980 Regina – January 11, 2018)
Marijuana, pills, cocaine seized in schools across Winnipeg
(CBC Manitoba – December 4, 2017)
How to talk with your kids about cannabis use after legalization
(CBC Radio Calgary – November 20, 2017)
Teens are Seeking Credible info on Marijuana Before Legalization
(CORUS Radio: Charles Adler Tonight – October 27, 2017)
What’s the right age for legal marijuana access?
(CTV Alberta: Alberta Prime Time – September 20, 2017)
What you think about setting the minimum legal age for using pot at 18?
(CBC Radio: Alberta at Noon – April 13, 2017)
Families affected by opioid crisis need more support, Alberta prof says

Recent Print Media Interviews
Is there a right age to roll that first joint?
(The Growth Op – February 15, 2019)
Cannabis-related hospital visits spike since legalization: physicians
(Calgary Herald – May 23, 2019)
Legalization leaves Canada poised to lead on cannabis research, says minister
(CBC News Calgary – May 22, 2019)
Calgary announcement sees feds pledge $24.5M to fund cannabis use research
(Global News Calgary – May 22, 2019)
$25M announced for cannabis research in Canada
(CTV News Calgary – May 22, 2019)
Cannabis legalization a catalyst for research into drug, says federal pot czar
(Calgary Herald, The Western Star – May 22, 2019)
Four academics write to province in support of Medicine Hat’s supervised consumption site
(Chat News Today – May 17, 2019)
Half a million Canadians used weed before or at work: National Cannabis Survey
(Star Metro Calgary – May 2, 2019)
RCMP Backtracks on Its Claim That Weed Edibles Can Kill Kids
(VICE News – May 8, 2019)
Is there a right age to roll that first joint?
(The Growth Op – February 15, 2019)
Experts address need for supervised consumption services following city hall debate
(The Calgary Herald – February 14, 2019)
Now is not the time to close down the safe consumption site: Nenshi
(The Calgary Herald – February 14, 2019)
Calgary’s only supervised consumption site gets green light for another year, but faces springtime review
(Star Metro Calgary – January 31, 2019)
Pot brownies in Canada could be 10 times weaker than in several U.S. states. Here’s why some people think that could be a big problem
(StarMetro Calgary – January 31, 2019)
How a Degrassi child star became a leading academic voice on legalizing weed
(CBC News – December 25, 2018)
Cannabis use a consequence, rather than cause, of bad behaviour in teens, study shows
(The Globe & Mail – December 6, 2018)
Canada’s Message to Teenagers: Marijuana Is Legal Now. Please Don’t Smoke It
(The New York Times – November 11, 2018)
‘It’s like shouting down a well’: Mother of overdose victim says rural crime needs to be tackled at roots
(CBC News: Saskatchewan – October 27, 2018)
26% of Canadian parents say they use cannabis: Ipsos poll
(Global News Calgary – October 16, 2018)
Public health expert cautions against ‘fearmongering’ ahead of cannabis legalization
(Edmonton Journal – October 9, 2018)
Marijuana shock ads won’t work: public health expert
(Edmonton Sun – October 09, 2018)
Quebec’s New Government Will Raise the Legal Age of Weed to 21
(VICE News – October 10, 2018)
New Brunswick universities struggle to hire for cannabis research chair roles
(The Globe & Mail – October 03, 2018)
Manitoba Just Released Weed PSAs And They Are So Corny
(VICE News – October 02, 2018)
‘Cruel and overly punitive’: Experts say Manitoba’s fine for growing pot at home misses the mark (CBC Manitoba – September 15, 2018)
Experts Call Bullshit On Backstreet Boy AJ McLean’s Opioid Detox Kits
(VICE News – September 11, 2018)
Toking in public could come to Calgary as the city seeks feedback on four consumption spaces
(StarMetro Calgary – August 24, 2018)
We Fact-Checked an ER Doctor Who Said Weed Edibles Can Kill Kids
(VICE News – August 21, 2018)
Do Women Really Need their Own Weed?
(The Globe and Mail – August 17, 2018)
Calgary transportation companies won’t randomly drug test for cannabis impairment
(StarMetro Calgary – August 14, 2018)
Can Weed Help You Sleep Better? The Truth About How Cannabis Affects Your Health
(Chatelaine – August 01, 2018)
Calgarians aged 19 to 34 very likely to have used cannabis, survey suggests
(StarMetro Calgary – July 19, 2018)
Calgary city council green-lights public marijuana consumption sites
(StarMetro Calgary – June 26, 2018)
Experts watch Calgary’s public marijuana policy as council mulls pot-smoking at festivals
(StarMetro Calgary – June 25, 2018)
Canadian cannabis consumption won’t spike after legalization: panel
(StarMetro Calgary – June 21, 2018)
Weed Is Almost Legal in Canada—Here’s What To Look For Next
(VICE News – June 20, 2018)
Legal pot not a public health or safety threat, researchers tell Senate
(CBC British Columbia – June 6, 2018)
Drug expert says ‘kratom’ substance seized from two Edmonton stores helped wean him off opioids
(StarMetro Edmonton – May 14, 2018)
4/20 and cannabis ‘overdoses’
(The Leaf Cannabis News, Winnipeg Free Press – April 24, 2018)
Lawyer Blames Racist Baseball Bat Attack On Smoking Weed, Receives Conditional Discharge
(VICE News – April 11, 2018)
Time to end cannabis prohibition: health researcher
(The Western Producer – April 5, 2018)
Calgary propose ban, fines on public consumption fo recreational cannabis
(MetroNews Calgary – March 29, 2018)
Alberta schools adding anti-overdose kits, training teachers to use
(The Calgary Herald – March 21, 2018)
Substitution effect
(The Leaf Cannabis News  – December 13, 2017)
Home-grown dope? Province says nope: Manitoba unveils new cannabis act
(The Winnipeg Free Press – December 5, 2017)
A Legal Weed Company Just Launched This Dramatic Anti-Stoned Driving Campaign
(VICE News – November 28, 2017)
These Politicians Are Spreading New ‘Reefer Madness’ Myths
(VICE News – November 21, 2017)
Alberta takes hybrid approach to legal pot but City of Calgary still has questions
(MetroNews Calgary – November 16, 2017)
Alberta NDP open to conversation on decriminalizing possession of hard drugs
(Calgary Herald – November 13, 2017)
Ottawa beefs up public-awareness campaign on marijuana
(The Globe and Mail – October 31, 2017)
Teens to Trudeau: No, pot isn’t easier to get than alcohol
(Maclean’s – September 27, 2017)
How to talk to your teen about cannabis
(Lift News – June 29, 2017)
School boards grapple with impending legal marijuana
(Edmonton Journal – June 28, 2017)
‘We want real information’: Educators and public-health officials face a daunting challenge as marijuana becomes legal: how to get through to teens
(The Globe and Mail – June 17, 2017)
Not so fast: Healthcare needs reform before marijuana is legalized
(Calgary Sun – May 5, 2017)
Anti-smoking advocates fear legal cannabis will ‘renormalize’ smoking
(Calgary Herald – May 4, 2017)