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How to talk with your kids about cannabis use after legalization

As someone who works in research and public health policy on adolescent cannabis use something that I get asked to speak about frequently is what parents should tell their kids about using cannabis once it becomes legal. In this interview with David Gray from the EyeOpener morning show on CBC Radio Calgary I provide practical advice on how to talk to kids and teens about cannabis as many parents are scrambling for a way to talk to kids other than the old standby of “it’s illegal, don’t do it!”. I also explain why we don’t need to panic about a sudden rise in prevalence of use among young people post-legalization and what to look for if you are worried about problematic use.

“Prevention science is still developing. Two sort of baseline things that we know from the evidence is that the earlier that you start, the more likely that you’ll have problems later on in a trajectory of problems with other substances. It’s all about delaying use as long as possible.”

Listen: How to talk to your kids about pot

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