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770 NewsTalk: July 10

— Rebecca’s tweets aren’t confrontational. (@RebeccaSaah) July 11, 2019

Listen to the full interview from NewsTalk 770 Calgary here:

Ryan Jespersen: July 03

Alberta opioid deaths drop in first months of 2019

The  latest statistics on overdose deaths from the first quarter of 2019 were released last week by Alberta Health and they show that the numbers of overdose deaths are declining for the second consecutive quarter. In this clip Ryan and I discuss what this means and why I believe that it is so important that we continue to scale up harm reduction interventions to address this public health emergency.

Ryan Jespersen: April 25

In this clip I spoke to Ryan Jespersen from 630 CHED about the release form the B.C. provincial heath officer (PHO), Dr. Bonnie Henry,  Stopping the Harm: Decriminalization of Drugs in BC. We also spoke about the state of harm reduction evidence in Canada and why we desperately need safe safe consumption sites in Alberta.

If you haven’t read the report yet, it is an excellent primer on the rationale for why decriminalizing drugs is the bold policy solution we need to end the public health harms associated with illicit drug use.

#SeeTheLives Launch: April 18

This spring we launched our video series “#SeeTheLives” produced through our research partnership with parent advocates for anti-stigma and harm reduction, with funding from the Opioid Awareness Grant to Communities, Alberta Health – one of several grants awarded last year to groups across the province.

Our aim in this project is to shift stigmatizing narratives about substance use and mental health and to amplify messages of community support for harm reduction in our communities in Alberta, and across Canada at a critical time. The crisis in overdose deaths is taking a huge toll on families and on communities, and the grief that results when a child dies is tremendous. That is why it was truly an honour to work with this brave and brilliant group of four parents to help them share their letters to their children. You can watch their videos and read their letters here: A study guide and links to resources are also available on the site.