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SciEng Pages: The Health Effects and Science of Cannabis

I contributed to this briefing developed by the  Partnership Group for Science and Engineering on cannabis to coincide with legalization in Canada this past October.

SciEng Pages ( is an initiative of the SciEng Pages aims to increase discussion on topical issues that have science and engineering at their core, by summarizing the
current state of knowledge and policy landscape.

You can download the document here.

Alberta@Noon: October 10

I was a guest on CBC Radio’s lunch hour show Alberta@Noon along with Jeff Mooji from 420 Premium Markets, one of two retail cannabis stores that will be open on October 17. We took questions from callers on the phone, via email and Twitter on the question, “Will you use marijuana once it becomes legal on October 17th?

You can listen to the full hour here.

Drug Reporter Interview: October 5

Along with many other of my Canadian colleagues, I make a brief appearance in an interview with Peter Sarosi from Drug Reporter, shot on location at the Stimulus harm reduction conference in Edmonton, October 3-5. Based in Hungary, Drug Reporter is part of the Rights Reporter Foundation and “promotes a drug policy respecting human rights and based on scientific evidence.”

You can view the video below, or on the Drug Reporter Facebook page (I show up towards the end at about the 7:20 mark with my little legalization and public health rant). You can also watch their longer interview with my colleague Jenna Valleriani from Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy on YoutTube here.


Watch our short video report from the #Stimulus2018 conference on drugs, policy and practice from Edmonton, Canada.

Posted by Drugreporter on Friday, October 5, 2018

Cannabis Headlines No One Needs on October 17 (part 1 and 2)

1. Green Day
3. High Times
4. Reefer Gladness
5. O, Cannabis!
6. A Nation A-Buzz
7. Young Brains Now at High Risk (Old Brains, Who Cares)
8. Pass the Dutchie, Canuckies
9. Happy 10/17
10. Anything w/ October as “Pot-tober”

— Dr Rebecca Haines-Saah (@RebeccaSaah) September 26, 2018

1. Weed Wednesday
2. It’s Lit, Canada!
3. Legalized But Regulated AF
4. I Get High With a Little Help From My Friends in the LPC
5. MPs debate adding “two pulls and pass” to Anthem
6. Cannabis is Legal (Everything else still sucks)

— Dr Rebecca Haines-Saah (@RebeccaSaah) October 1, 2018