Monthly Archives: July 2018

CCIC Video Presentation: Cannabis Legalization and Youth

The Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids has now posted videos of many of the talks from their annual meeting this past April in Toronto on their education platform website:

There were so many great speakers spanning the domains of basic science, medical use, regulation and public health. I really enjoyed my first time attending this conference because it brought together diverse perspectives and speakers. I highly recommend these presentations from some of my cannabis and public health colleagues:

My presentation: Youth and Cannabis Legalization: Considerations for Public Health and Prevention

UCalgary Video Series: Clearing the Smoke

Building on an event that took place this past winter, the University of Calgary has launched a video series on social media called “Clearing the Smoke.” This is part of the University’s Explore Cannabis web presence that was launched this spring.

As part of this initiative I also had a chance to collaborate with Dr. Matt Hill from the Hotchkiss Brain Institute on a UCalgary webinar, presenting on a topic we’ve tag-teamed on for a few different public talks: understanding the myths and misconceptions about what the research tells us about cannabis use and the adolescent brain and what the public health implications of cannabis legalization policy will be for young people. You can view a recording of the Youth and Cannabis Legalization webinar and access our presentation slides by quickly registering for access here. As someone who views myself as a public scholar it is great to see the UCalgary profiling this work and making it accessible to a broad audience. As we move closer to legalization in October it is clear that we still have so much work ahead of us in terms of helping people understand both the scientific and public health policy evidence that has informed cannabis legalization in Canada.