High Tea Podcast with Dr. Jenna Valleriani

I was super-excited to be a guest on the High tea podcast with my colleague youth cannabis researcher Dr. Jenna Valleriani who is a post-doctoral fellow at the BCCSU. I first met Jenna a few years ago at a drug policy event when she gave a talk on youth and legalization to a room full of public health experts and she totally blew me away. Since then I have been thrilled to get to know her and to learn about her work with Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy, and I recently had a chance to review their Sensible Cannabis Education Toolkit.

Jenna and I had a fantastic 40 minute chat about growing up Degrassi, the problems with drug education and prevention – and of course all things youth and cannabis policy in Canada. Jenna is definitely one to watch – I look forward to seeing her career as a researcher and cannabis media influencer flourish in the years to come.

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