Monthly Archives: May 2018

High Tea Podcast with Dr. Jenna Valleriani

I was super-excited to be a guest on the High tea podcast with my colleague youth cannabis researcher Dr. Jenna Valleriani who is a post-doctoral fellow at the BCCSU. I first met Jenna a few years ago at a drug policy event when she gave a talk on youth and legalization to a room full of public health experts and she totally blew me away. Since then I have been thrilled to get to know her and to learn about her work with Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy, and I recently had a chance to review their Sensible Cannabis Education Toolkit.

Jenna and I had a fantastic 40 minute chat about growing up Degrassi, the problems with drug education and prevention – and of course all things youth and cannabis policy in Canada. Jenna is definitely one to watch – I look forward to seeing her career as a researcher and cannabis media influencer flourish in the years to come.

Krush Performance radio show: May 26

A new venue for me, I got to chat with Jeff Krushnell for his sport performance podcast the Krush Performance radio show, about the implications of legalizing cannabis for youth in Alberta. We had a nice long chat about what we might need to watch for, why I support the policy option of setting the legal age as low as possible at 18, and why my mantra is “keep calm and legalize on.” Really relevant to sport and recreation we discussed the community-based Icelandic model and the positive impacts this had on reducing adolescent substance use.

Listen below – “Drunk & Stoned: The Impact & Affects of Alcohol and Drugs on Performance & Development